Your pictures are our first thought in the morning, right after collecting the eggs, milking the goats, watering the plants…

We are down-to-earth photographers. Three years ago we decided to get back to nature in our vegetarian farm, this make us reassess what really matters in our lives and in our job.

Empathy. Discretion. Commitment.

We bring all these thing and two camera, we only ask you for trust.
Choosing your wedding photographer it’s a big deal: we will be two of people you will spend more time with during your day, so we realized how important it is to be a delightful company. We love to help keep things light but we know our place. The biggest compliment we ever had was: I didn’t realize you were there!
It may seems to come naturally to us to shoot weddings, that’s not true, we push our boundaries a little further every day and this is our goal!


An autumn wedding in Netherlands

A romantic engagement session in Normandy

An intimate English wedding in Abruzzo

Two lovers on the edge of Abruzzo - Rocca Calascio

A Buddhist Wedding in Tuscany

An Irish wedding in Villa Le Piazzole - Florence

A real traditional Italian Wedding