We’re Simona and Angelo. We think of us as photographers, not wedding photographers.

We love to express ourselves throughout all kinds of stiles; from reportages and editorials to fashion and travel photography, and of course wedding photography as well.

We walked tiptoe and respectfully into the world of marriages, and we immediately found out that it is a style we really love.

Each couple we bump into gives us the great honor of taking part into a very special moment, one full of thrill and expectations. Shooting a wedding allows us to meet new people and their traditions, and ultimately, to party – and to be always touched by it! Thus, wedding photography for us is something made of emotions, energy, and colors.

At the same time, we think it’s a huge task and we always work with tact and easygoingness. Indeed, one of our morals is to never interfere with the ongoing action.

We love to be “invisible” but always ready when it’s time for a picture.

2017 will be a special year for us, it’s the Chinese year of the Rooster, which has always been our mascot, and the year of our marriage too (hurray)!
We want to celebrate this with you and what’s better way than a new website and a special promo?
We’ll give a free Engagement Session to all the couples who will confirm a “That Day” package by 28 February.

PS: no animals were harmed for the creation of this offer, he’s Onofrio our beloved pet rooster




Shooting pictures as unforgettable as the moments they catch. This is our main goal when we shoot a wedding. We put our heart and soul into the realization of the image because it’s what our job demands us.

We decided to simplify printing options favoring quality over marketing.

As artisans, we totally understand the importance and appeal of handling your pictures. That’s why we looked for the best way to deliver our product and, at the same time, guarantee our clients freedom of choice.

Our service consists of the whole valid shot material delivered in a high-resolution digital format. We shot those pictures only for you and here you are. Also, we built up a timber packaging coming with 50 fine art prints and a USB complete of all files.

To conclude, we could realize a pdf photobook that you can print out on fine art or high-quality photography paper. Alternatively, we can print it for you as an extra.

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Our basic offer starts from 1400 € – Vat included -. Commuting and accommodation expenses are an extra in case of a wedding far away from our domicile. Anyway, we’re not that strict about it and we’re sure we can sort out the best solutions for both of us.

Each wedding has a story by its own, and it’s this gleam that leads our inspiration. We do our best to take back to you all the moments and emotions of the day in an accurate and faithful way. The pictures we’ll deliver to you will have our mark and your style. Because each wedding is a new history, with all its colors, lights and shadows. Some people say our style is a movie-like one. It’s a very fitting definition and we like it, as it explains all the attention we put into shooting and editing.

All you have to do the day of your wedding is to love each other, celebrate, enjoy, have as many toasts as you can, and do whatever you like! We’ll be with you at every stage, ready to eternalize the moments as you’re living them. We also love to add a little magic including in all our shooting a portraits’ session. Don’t call it posing because it’s not. It’s something different and precious, and we’ll experience it together.

We’d like to think about it as the moment when the bride and the groom can finally have some time for themselves. They’ll look into each other’s eyes, they’ll hug tenderly and cuddle. We love shooting natural portraits that talk about your emotions. Well, we love to do that but no worries; you won’t have to miss the cocktail time and we won’t take you in a location far away from the ceremony. On the other hand, for those who’d like to spend more time on portraits, we thought about a “Day After Session”.

You’ve been planning your wedding for ages, you chose the menu and the kind of entertainment you’d like to have. Friends and relatives are there to celebrate with you and you wouldn’t miss any part of it! However, you’d also love to have terrific portraits shot at your beloved location.

So, the Day After Session is what you’re looking for! Let’s schedule a new meeting whenever and wherever you like most. You’ll dress up again in your wedding clothes and we’ll take all the time we need to realize stunning pictures. We’re looking forward to it!

Basically we take with us our Canon cameras along with some of the best lens on the market. This is all we need to do a great job in the daylight. We don’t carry along bulky equipments. Thus, you’ll see us around with cameras and shoulder bags. Only in case of dim natural light or at nighttimes, we could resort to using a delicate portable light or a flash.

We always try to get along very well with couples who choose us. We love meeting them, hearing their stories, and empathize with them. We know our role is very important; you know, we’ll probably be the ones you’ll spend most of time with the day of your wedding. Thus, we’d like to meet you in person, but of course when it’s not possible Skype is always a great solution to have a chat and introduce each other.

If you chose us, hurrah!

Let’s just go through some papers and that’s all. In order to make your booking official, we’ll send you a tailored contract that you should send us back signed together with the deposit previously arranged.

Why so serious?

The groom hugging his bride, a deep glance, your hands brushing against each other… ok, everyone loves posing but how about those great and unique moments when happiness is irrepressible, when the party is on and people laugh, dance and enjoy the moment. It’s great to have some pictures properly set up, but the moments you’ll remember forever are the most natural and spontaneous ones!

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Email, phone call or Skype; whatever you choose to contact us is fine.

We totally understand how important is to select your photographers accurately, so please ask us any question you have!

tel +39 392 4179540

skype zonzoweb

email info@zonzo.studio

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