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We’re Simona and Angelo and we’re Italian Wedding Photographers.

Whether you’re planning to get married in Tuscany or in the glamorous Lake Como, in a Masseria in Puglia or in the Eternal Rome, and searching for an Italian Wedding Photographer, please contact us: we will be happy to hear your story and share our experience.

Italian Wedding Photographers

Elopement in Italy


Dolomites Elopement - Italian Wedding Photographer

to Italy

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their journey.

From a Seventeenth Century Villa in the Euganean Hills, to the high altitudes of Alps, we spent three days to the top with Jasmine and Douglas.

We started by playing hide-and-seek in one of the world’s oldest plant labyrinths and we ended in the sight of Dolomites magnificent peaks and imposing valleys.

Proud to be named one of the

Rangefinder’s 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography 2018

This award set a milestone on our professional path and it was a great honor for us to share it with all the talented professionals such are the winners over the years.

THANK YOU to everyone for all the support we got, this will help us work harder and be more motivated than ever!

New Nordic
Inspiration – Faroe Wedding Photographer


Faroe  Destination 
Wedding Photographer

A Brave New Bride

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of Northern amazingness.

In the Faroe Islands we found cold and crazy powerful winds, sheer cliffs and heartful people.

We fell in love with these amazing northern lands and we’re already planning to come back. Now, who’s with us?

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— Meaningful and honest storytelling.

Life is made up of days lasting 24 hours each. We can’t have one longer or shorter, but we do have memorable moments, fragments of life we want to keep alive in our memory and in the memory of those we care most.

Here we are: Simona and Angelo, two wedding photographers who deeply love what they do: telling stories of memorable days in people’s lives. Every wedding is a blank page, a new story we want to experience together with all its protagonists, its places and twists.

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