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Ciao, we are Simona and Angelo, two wedding photographers in Italy.

We grew up and we still live in a small village in Abruzzo (Central Italy), this is our nest surrounded by nature from which we start all our travels. We photograph weddings throughout Italy and all around the world.
We are known as ZONZO, an awarded wedding photographer studio, but in our everyday work we also deal with other photography style: from fashion photography to advertising, from portraits to editorial photography.

Meaningful and
honest storytelling.

Latest weddings in Italy:

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Wedding in Borgo Stomennano – Tuscany

Don’t miss the wedding of Sandra and Ian: an explosion of colors, energy and creativity!

Italian Wedding Photographers - ZONZO

Wedding in Certosa di Pontignano – Siena

Celebrating love and staying together in an ancient Charterhouse overlooking Siena hills.

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Wedding in Masseria Potenti – Puglia

Mediterranean vibes among olive trees and sunburn white walls in timeless Puglia.

Previous clients & their testimonial

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Honeymoon Session

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Angelo and Simona’s pictures speak for themselves. You’ve seen them, you want them. All I can tell you is to go for it. Indulge yourself. It’s your special day. You want to remember it. Find a nice location, get some fancy clothes, and count on Zonzo to do the rest. Both Angelo and Simona are amazing, award-winning photographers. You can tell it isn’t just one of them because they split up while each spouse prepares –– which really adds to the narrative of the day –– and you’ll have beautiful pictures from each. Having two photographers means that you’ll have twice the chance for those candid, perfect shots. And there will be twice as many angles on those important moments, so that your friend with the DSLR or your cousin with the iPhone doesn’t photobomb the first kiss. We never managed to put together the customary list of photos we wanted, and yet they didn’t miss a thing. We did the first look, and we recommend it. No need to disappear from your guests. Angelo and Simona were never demanding. They’re direct enough to keep you on point for the couple’s portraits, but discreet enough to disappear into the background for the rest of the day. We were really surprised with how well the after-dark dance pictures turned out, and we’re happy they stayed for the full ten hours. They were great communicators both before and after the wedding, in English and Italian alike. (My family doesn’t speak any Italian, but they didn’t run into any trouble interacting with Angelo and Simona.) Hire them; you won’t regret it.

Wow, just WOW! I’m truly speechless—words cannot describe how truly incredible Simona and Angelo are. My husband and I eloped this past July to Southern Italy and booked through Zonzo well in advance after hearing from our friends that they were the best in Italy and seeing them featured on a NY Times list of “Emerging Photographers You Should Know.” After exploring their portfolio, I quickly realized that they were not your typical wedding photographers, you know, the type to have bride and groom pose in awkward and uncomfortable positions and it shows in their photographs! No, they are much, much different, and upon exploring their page, you too will see that what they are producing is art. When we first met, there was an instant connection and felt like we had known them for years—that’s how they make you feel! Generally, I’m uncomfortable being photographed but not with Simona and Angelo—they are incredibly funny and had us laughing all day long. They honestly felt like old friends. July 2, 2019 was the best day of my life, and Simona and Angelo had everything to do with the magic! We eloped so it was just my husband and me, and it made all the difference having Simona and Angelo along for the ride! Saying goodbye to them at the end of the say was by far the saddest moment—they’re two of the greatest people I’ve met.
Oh, and the photographs. Well, again, there are no words. These are not traditional wedding photos that end up sitting in the attic gathering dust—no, these are masterpieces and I look through them daily. They truly captured our unique personalities and emotions, every single shot, perfect. And they even captured small moments I missed. We have been told by friends and family on a number of occasions that they look like magazine photos!
If you are planning on getting married, book Zonzo now. Best decision we ever made. Best money every spent. I will forever be grateful for these pictures, they’re our most prized possessions.

The best decision we ever made was to hire Simona and Angelo for our honeymoon photos. I have never seen photographers work so hard in my life. They put so much thought and heart into every image they take. They are an incredible team and extremely gifted. The photos we received are so special to us and I am so happy that we will have them to look back on. I hope to work with you both again in the future. Grazie! Grazie! Grazie!

We loved working with Zonzo! Simona and Angelo were an absolute pleasure to work with and very professional. We were coming from Canada and they were very accommodating with us and easy to communicate with from the very beginning. They even went out of their way to organize a day to meet the week before the wedding to discuss everything. Their photos truly captured our wedding day in a unique and beautiful way. They went above and beyond for us time and time again. They sent us our wedding photos very quickly and we absolutely love all of them. Thank you Simona and Angelo for making our day so special 🙂

Proud to be named one of the Rangefinder’s 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography 2018.

Italian Wedding Photographers - ZONZO

Faroe Islands Engagement Session

Those latitudes may evoke cold and ice, but there is nothing more heart-warming than these two

Italian Wedding Photographers - ZONZO


Here’s our take on inspirational shootings. A celebration of beauty, quirkiness and creativity.⁠

Italian Wedding Photographers - ZONZO

Wedding in Porto Ercole – Tuscan Riviera

An elegant wedding on the Tuscan Riviera: enchanted by the blue of the sea and ready to get the party started .

Escape to Italy

From the highest peaks of the Dolomites to the enchanted labyrinth of Valsanzibio. An unforgettable trip with Jasmine and Douglas.

Italian Wedding Photographers - ZONZO

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Our Photography style – How do we differ from other wedding photographers in Italy?

Italian Wedding Photographers - ZONZO

Looking for the best wedding photographer in Italy you will have noticed that there are countless styles and, we add, there are also trends that take over from time to time. On our part, we have always committed to developing and perfecting a personal and original photographic style. We want to take timeless photographs, able to excite even in twenty years, when your children or grandchildren will look at them.
After all, what is photography if not one of the most powerful means to create memories?

This is why we want to be faithful narrators of the day you are experiencing and at the same time create a unique and creative story that bears our artistic signature. We are very proud and happy to be able to say that so many couples have trusted us for such an important task.

Many people think that nowadays a wedding photographer’s job is made easier by post-production tools, in reality, the best wedding photos are born right in the camera, in the very moment we shoot them. Nobody but your photographer can decide, whenever he/she is taking a picture, if it will be a great shot to hang on the wall or just a nice photo to add to the album. This is why during a wedding we are always super focused on getting great photos right away by choosing classic frames and clean cuts, governing natural light to our advantage, with its enveloping shadows, soft lights and natural tones.

Summarize all the nuances of our style in a few words is a difficult thing, fortunately the most important elements about this website are our photos that we hope can tell it better than we can. In any case, these are topics we would love to talk about for hours so if you want to know more, contact us: we will set up a video call right away.

Our approach to wedding photography

To be a good wedding photographer the “human side” of the job is as important as the artistic and creative one. This is one of our strongest beliefs and is definitely the secret ingredient that allowed us to take our best wedding photos.

While shooting a wedding we are always attentive to what is happening around us and, above all, to the feelings that our spouses are experiencing.

Their trust, for us, is the most precious value ​​and we want to treasure it, because the focus of our work, even before the final photos, is the peace of mind of the couple we are working for. We never forget that the wedding day is THEIR “big day” and this comes first.

This means to be attentive but never intrusive, letting our couples to live the wedding day naturally, never asking, for example, to assume strange poses or repeating spontaneous gestures. During the wedding we often happen to be problem solvers and confidants, also helping to overcome the small setbacks that can happen with humour and practical sense.

Ultimately, we want our photos to tell your emotions lightly and effortlessly.

Our approach, however, is not limited to pure wedding reportage. We love to add a sparkle of magic to the story, telling the context, looking for original points of view and, with couples who feel more adventurous, taking the liberty of experimenting and daring unusual solutions.

Why choose an Italian Wedding Photographer instead to take one abroad?

Sometimes couples who choose to organize a destination wedding in Italy, are concerned about communication with local vendors. They are afraid of being in a foreign country, with suppliers who speak their language little or not at all and with no possibility of communication. The image of a dream that becomes a nightmare.

We want to tell you that in most cases none of this happens, when you rely on recognized and experienced wedding professionals.

That said, we can tell you specifically about us and our communication skills.

First of all, all the texts you are reading have been written by us, maybe you will have noticed it because some sentences are not perfectly constructed and we do not exclude that there are actual errors (sorry!), But it is all our own work and, if we have made ourselves clear so far, we can reassure you that it will also happen on your wedding day.

Actually we never had communication problems even with the most difficult English accents (a big and warm hug to our Scottish and Irish fellows!) and we try to keep ourselves constantly trained thanks to our passion for TV series and films in the original language.

In any case, in addition to English, we are able to express ourselves in French (Angelo more than Simona) and to speak basic Spanish. Oh sure, we can say Hello and Thank you in Russian, Arabic, Portuguese and German, which allows us to be kind to all your international guests in any case!

The real advantage of having an Italian photographer is the opportunity  to count on someone who knows the territory in which you are getting married, speaks the language (and often the dialect) of the locals and knows how to move in a context that is new to you.

Thanks to the field experience that an Italian photographer can offer, you will have the opportunity to access locations off the beaten track and to get to know local contacts that are useful to meet the most diverse needs you may encounter.