Behind the lens

our process and vision

Ah, the age-old question: to be or to perform? But seriously, we believe that your special day should be about living in the moment, not putting on a show for the sake of photography. By embracing the experience and being fully present, we can capture the essence of your love and create truly authentic memories. So let’s forget about the performance and celebrate the joy of the moment, embrace the chaos, even the imperfections, and we’ll create memories that are as authentic as they are amusing.

Are we a good fit for you?

We know how important it is to find the right photographer who can not only take great photos but also make you feel comfortable, relaxed, and confident. Wedding photography is a collaborative art where we work together to understand your unique story and style and create images that reflect your love and personality.

With light as our vocabulary, our photography style is a living language that tells your story. We find inspiration in the way light interacts with the world, and we believe that it’s often in the quiet, natural moments that we can see the true magic.

We are here to take your portrait,
not advertise your dress.
Who’s afraid of the dark?

We embrace shadows and believe they add depth and interest to our photos. Our Instagram may be a bit darker, but don’t worry, we promise our website galleries will show you our commitment to capturing the true essence of your special day, in all its luminous glory. It’s just our Instagram selection that loves moody vibes.

Present and Focused

Our Loose Framework for Your Day

At the heart of our photography philosophy, we prioritize flexibility and adaptability. While we don’t rigidly adhere to a pre-determined script, we do value careful planning and organization. By preparing in advance and creating a loose framework for the day, we’re able to remain present and focused on capturing the candid, heartfelt moments that make your wedding special.

The following is a rough outline of what to expect, but we are always flexible and adaptable to your specific needs and cultural traditions.

Getting ready

We split up to cover the preparations – Simona follows the bride and Angelo follows the groom. We love capturing this part of the day because there’s an electric atmosphere of excitement and anticipation. We strive to be invisible but present, offering a word of encouragement or a helping hand when needed.

We enjoy photographing not just the candid moments but also the details, locations, and decorations to provide a more comprehensive story. This applies to the preparations as well as the ceremony and reception.



During the ceremony, one of us is always focused on the couple, while the other is attentive to the guests’ reactions, capturing their spontaneous emotions. Whether it’s tears of joy, beaming smiles, or heartfelt laughter, we strive to capture every precious moment, so that the memories of this day can be cherished for a lifetime.

We enjoy photographing not just the candid moments but also the details, locations, and decorations to provide a more comprehensive story. This applies to the preparations as well as the ceremony and reception.

Bridal party and family portraits

“We won’t ask you to say ‘CHEESE’, we’re vegan! “

Couple Portraits

As the sun begins to set, we take a delightful 30-minute walk around the venue with the couple, capturing stunning photos along the way. Our top priority is to make this experience enjoyable and lighthearted for them. We connect with our couples on a personal level to ensure they feel relaxed and comfortable during the shoot. Some couples savor this moment and allow us more time to work our creative magic. Others prefer to get back to the festivities quickly, and we adapt our approach accordingly, capturing natural poses with our artistic flair.

After your portraits have been taken, you can relax and soak up the celebration. Our aim is to capture spontaneous moments, from heartfelt toasts and speeches to the lively cake cutting and dancing, until the end of our coverage. Our approach will be documentary-style with our signature cinematic taste.




When it comes to lighting, natural light is often the most beautiful and flattering. However, we understand that there are situations where additional lighting is necessary, such as during extreme low-light conditions or for creative purposes. In these cases, we use flashes while always being mindful of not disrupting the atmosphere or preferences of our clients: If a couple wants a romantic candlelit dinner, we won’t ruin the ambiance with artificial light. Instead, we’ll use our expertise and equipment to shoot stunning photos that capture the mood and feel of the event.


We place a high priority on keeping our equipment up-to-date and in line with our needs. We understand that state-of-art tools are essential for capturing the best possible shots, and we spare no expense in ensuring that our cameras and lenses are of the highest quality.


One of our top priorities is protecting the data we capture, which is why we always shoot in duplicate on each camera. This ensures we have a backup in case of unforeseen issues or malfunctions. Additionally, we take security very seriously, so we immediately back up all our photos onto an external hard drive within 12 hours of completing a job. For added safety, we also create a backup on our cloud storage as soon as we have a stable internet connection.