Destination Wedding Photographers

what I do, it’s who I am



a zonzo

  • andare a zonzo “to wander about”, “stroll about”
    If you stroll somewhere , you walk there in a slow , relaxed way.

A few things about us

We’re Simona and Angelo, destination wedding photographers, husband and wife.


We set up ZONZO a few years ago with the aim to travel around the world, discover new places, meet cool people and understand facts around us.

Photography is what we chose to pursue our goal. The more miles we leave back, the richer we turn.

We love thinking about our job as a journey into contemporary people’s lives. Human beings, with their different ways to get through life, are what makes us curious.
Weddings are extraordinary occasions to deepen our research, a path we can’t walk without a fundamental ingredient: empathy. How discreet and invisible a photographer can be, he or she will be there throughout the whole wedding.
That’s why we really try to figure out what people’s around us feel and put ourselves into their shoes. It’s how we manage to create a positive connection, so that everyone can feel at ease. 

To us, wedding photography is a longterm commitment. Once over, we would love to have explored happiness and love from different points of view.


Eager by nature, if something is missing, I make it up. Beauty is everywhere and my quest is to find it by hook or by crook. I love tech but I don’t talk on the phone. I’m a cheesemaker, bread baker and sooner or later you will all come to eat at my place.

I’m the one who always read instructions manuals while Simona has already dismantled everything. I’ve been a web developer for long time but I always dreamed to grow pulses. I’m a lucky boy. I love my job, I live in a beautiful place and when I want to relax I spend a few hours in our orchard.