about us:

We grew up dreaming of traveling the world, discovering new places, and learning about the people we encounter. Photography became our way of pursuing this goal, and the more we traveled, the more we grew in experiences and skills. 

With this purpose in mind, we founded ZONZO over a decade ago, viewing our photography job as a journey into the complexity and uniqueness of modern individuals.

Weddings provided us with an unparalleled opportunity to delve deeper into our research.



Beauty is all around us, and I am determined to uncover it no matter what it takes. Although I have a passion for technology, I prefer not to engage in phone conversations. I am a food enthusiast who bakes bread, and I am confident that you will eventually find yourself at my dining table.


I think of myself as the calm, diplomatic and thoughtful half of the duo, although it is not always like this. In the latest years, I was fortunate enough to rediscover the part of me that loves being in nature and indulging in introspective thoughts. My goal in life and in photography is to find balance and harmony in every situation.