ZONZO Italian Wedding Photographers


Eager by nature, if something is missing, I make it up. Beauty is everywhere and my quest is to find it by hook or by crook. I love tech but I don’t talk on the phone. I’m a cheesemaker, bread baker and sooner or later you will all come to eat at my place.


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We always try to get along very well with couples who choose us. We love meeting them, hearing their stories, and empathize with them. We know our role is very important; you know, we’ll probably be the ones you’ll spend most of time with the day of your wedding. Thus, we’d like to meet you in person, but of course when it’s not possible Skype is always a great solution to have a chat and introduce each other.


Basically we take with us our Canon cameras along with some of the best lens on the market. This is all we need to do a great job in the daylight. We don’t carry along bulky equipments. Thus, you’ll see us around with cameras and shoulder bags.


Each wedding has a story by its own, and it’s this gleam that leads our inspiration. We do our best to take back to you all the moments and emotions of the day in an accurate and faithful way. The pictures we’ll deliver to you will have our mark and your style. Because each wedding is a new story, with all its colors, lights and shadows. Some people say our style is a movie-like one. It’s a very fitting definition and we like it, as it explains all the attention we put into shooting and editing.


All you have to do the day of your wedding is to love each other, celebrate, enjoy, have as many toasts as you can, and do whatever you like! We’ll be with you at every stage, ready to eternalize the moments as you’re living them. We also love to add a little magic including in all our shooting a portraits’ session. Don’t call it posing because it’s not. It’s something different and precious, and we’ll experience it together.
We’d like to think about it as the moment when the bride and the groom can finally have some time for themselves. They’ll look into each other’s eyes, they’ll hug tenderly and cuddle. We love shooting natural portraits that talk about your emotions. Well, we love to do that but no worries; you won’t have to miss the cocktail time and we won’t take you in a location far away from the ceremony.


Our basic offer starts from 2500 € – Vat included -. Commuting and accommodation expenses are an extra in case of a wedding far away from our domicile. Anyway, we’re not that strict about it and we’re sure we can sort out the best solutions for both of us.


If you chose us, hurrah!

Let’s just go through some papers and that’s all. In order to make your booking official, we’ll send you a tailored contract that you should send us back signed together with the deposit previously arranged. Please note that contract and deposit are both required to consider the date reserved for you.


I’m the one who always read instructions manuals while Simona has already dismantled everything. I’ve been a web developer for long time but I always dreamed to grow pulses. I’m a lucky boy. I love my job, I live in a beautiful place and I have a great relation with my five goats.