Italy Wedding Photographers

An authentic Italian Wedding

Full of pasta, good wine and with a touch of Dolce & Gabbana

If you’re everytime captivated in front of The Godfather’s Weddings scenes or you’re not able to stop humming on the notes of That’s Amore, then we are sure you will love Martina and Mauro’s Wedding photos.

Italian wedding traditions are many. Many of them have been lost or modernized over the years, but in this wedding we have rediscovered the atmosphere, aesthetics and style that represents a true traditional Italian wedding.

We immediately realized how with Martina and Mauro we would have attended a special day. Not only because they are beautiful and so in love, but also for their taste and sensitivity.

Since our first chat, for example, Simona discovered that Ferdinando Scianna was the bride’s favorite photographer and a special feeling was created between them.

We also had the opportunity to shoot together an almost epic pre-wedding session. We even faced together a storm by the sea! In all these adventures, joined us one of the best videographer in Italy, Jessica Ballerini, with whom we shared the tale of this romantic and passionate love story.

We met again our couple on their wedding day, one of the hottest days of the year by the way.

They spent the night before the wedding separated. For the occasion Mauro was getting ready in Lanciano in the house where he grew up.

Then he reached the beautiful Church of Santa Maria Maggiore with his family.

Martina, charged with emotions, was getting ready in an ancient palace in her hometown in a  out of time atmosphere. Every detail and every gesture in that room captured the Simona’s attention and enthusiasm.

Really special moments, thanks to the tenderness of her grandmother with whom she shared this unforgettable time. She helped her wearing her wedding dress with love and care.

Once in the church while they were tying the knot friends outside were preparing a traditional and joyful exit toss.

Time just flew and almost without realizing we found ourselves at the Aperitivo, one of the most important time of the day for Italian people. Italian tradition require to stop for a toast around 7pm. In this case all the male guests joined the bride for an iconic toast in front of their regular café. We moved to the al fresco wedding party in a beautiful villa to attend dinner.

The freshness of the evening fell gently on the tables at Casa Oliveto.

The tables tastefully arranged between vineyards and olive trees, allowed bride and groom to go wild in a fun dance on the green lawn of the villa.

Evviva gli sposi!