A lovely Surprise Marriage Proposal in Rome

Marriage Proposal in Rome

Maritza and Rodolfo are a Mexican couple of creative professionals who travel the world.

When Rodolfo contacted us to organize his surprise marriage proposal to Maritza during their latest trip to Rome, we were thrilled to be a part of such a special moment.

Working closely with Rodolfo, we plotted the best locations in the Eternal City to capture his marriage proposal in Rome.

The hardest part for Rodolfo was convincing Maritza to rise early and take a walk around the city before it filled up with tourists, all while avoiding any suspicion. Fortunately, their passion for photography made the early morning excursion plausible.
We met on the historic Ponte Sisto bridge, where the surprise was planned. After some spontaneous shots, we introduced ourselves and continued the photo shoot as Rome slowly woke up.

The early morning light and the empty streets of Rome made for a romantic and intimate setting for Rodolfo’s marriage proposal in Rome. After the first minutes “in incognito,” we took advantage of the beautiful morning to shoot some awesome engagement photos with the couple.

As we walked through the city, capturing memories of this once-in-a-lifetime event, the love between Maritza and Rodolfo was evident in every shot.