Escape to Italy

Jasmine + Doug

Elopement in Italy

In Italy there are monuments that were not carved by the hands of great artists such as Michelangelo or Canova, yet they are known throughout the world for their beauty and grandeur. Nature gave us these gigantic masterpieces which are the Dolomites.

Places we have always known since we were children, back when we studied them at school or when we used to spend our family holidays there, but together with Jasmine and Douglas we saw the Dolomites for the first time through our wedding photographers lenses

Setting up an elopement in the Dolomites has been fun starting from the organization phase, when we were able, together with them, to give space to imagination and creativity by choosing the locations among the great variety of beautiful landscapes that these mountains offer.

We also had the opportunity to associate these masterpieces of nature with other masterpieces, this time made by human hand, organizing a shooting in Villa Barbarigo in Valsanzibio and its beautiful monumental garden.

The Villa, built in the second half of the seventeenth century and inhabited by its owners until a few years ago, was the perfect backdrop in which to shoot with Jasmine and Douglas. They looked stunning in their elegant wedding dresses. 

In the Monumental Garden, also known as the “Versailles in miniature” and made by Luigi Bernini, we had the opportunity to take some of the shots we love most.

We will remember this elopement as an extraordinary journey through natural wonders, history and art and we will always warmly remember Jasmine and Douglas, whose love we celebrated on this trip. It was a great pleasure to spend these days with them and share the enthusiasm we felt on this journey.