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While you’re here, allow us to introduce ourselves and make your experience on this page interesting. We’re Simona and Angelo, italian wedding photographers and travelers.  We live in Italy and we shoot several weddings in Puglia every year.

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Our latest Weddings in Puglia:

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Wedding in Masseria Potenti – Puglia

Mediterranean vibes among olive trees and sunburn white walls in timeless Puglia.

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Wedding in Polignano a Mare, the hearth of Puglia

An exciting elopement, on a reef overlooking the sea, with the sun rising over the horizon.

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Same sex destination wedding in Puglia

Get married in a Masseria in Puglia is always a good idea, even in a rainy day!

Are you planning your wedding in Puglia?

Probably yes, if you are on this page. Whether you are looking for locations, inspiration or vendors for your wedding,
perhaps as wedding photographers who work and travel often in Puglia we can give you some advice.

Why we love to photograph Puglia

Puglia Wedding Photographer

Puglia is not the region we live in, but we are lucky enough to be able to reach it easily and there we have many of our closest friends who we go to visit whenever we can.
Thanks to our work as puglia wedding photographers and our passion for discovery, in recent years we have found incredible venues and enchanting spots to photograph our couples.

First of all you must consider that Puglia (or Apulia) is one of the largest Italian regions: to cross it all, from north to south, it takes more than four hours! This means that Puglia is made up of many landscapes and atmospheres, each with its own charm and history and this makes it special both for travelers and photographers.

Starting from the north you can find the few mountains in the region in the beautiful Gargano National Park, which overlooks the huge plain of the Tavoliere delle Puglie, while descending through the hills of the Murge you can arrive in the warm Salento, one of the most famous tourist destinations in Italy.

Along the journey, driving down the Adriatic coast, Puglia will offer you beautiful cliffs, such as the one of Polignano a Mare where we photographed this beautiful elopement, on a wild cliff as the sun rose.

Scattered throughout the territory you will find fields of olive trees as far as the eye can see, sleepy villages, several UNESCO sites, and the ubiquitous Masserias.

Why choose a Puglia Wedding Photographer instead to take one abroad?

Sometimes couples are concerned about communication problems with their photographers once in Puglia.

We want to reassure you, that with us you will not have such problems! 

After all, the texts you are reading have been written directly by us and we will be very happy to organize a video call to talk about everything “in person”.

If you choose us as your wedding photographers in Puglia we will be happy to advise you on the best locations to take wonderful photos, we can help you communicate with the locals who often do not speak English and we will put at your disposal our experience regarding places, traditions and the Apulian customs.

Puglia Wedding Photographer

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Here we are: Simona and Angelo, two wedding photographers in Puglia and all over Italy who deeply love what they do: telling stories of memorable days in people’s lives. Every wedding is a blank page, a new story we want to experience together with all its protagonists.

Meaningful and honest storytelling.

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Puglia Wedding Photographer - Masseria