There are things Italians can’t ever give away: a drink with friends, a walk in an old alley and the charme of a retro-chic Fiat.

When we met Martina and Mauro we immediately realized their wedding was something special. Well, not only because of their patent stunning beauty and their strong love, but also for the extreme sensitivity they communicated to us from the very first chat.

We met them again one of the hottest day of the year. Mauro got ready in his own house, the place he grown up into. Together with his family, they drove to Santa Maria Maggiore, a marvellous church hidden in the old town. Martina, thrilled by the romance, dressed up into an old court in Casalanguida, her hometown.

A timeless atmosphere where every single detail and gesture caught Simona’s attention and filled her with plenty of enthusiasm. An outstanding and emotional bridal preparation turned even more magic by the careful attentions of Martina’s granny, who shared these magic moments with her.