Wedding at La Foce, A Terrace Garden overlooking Tuscany hills

Wedding in La Foce Garden, Italian Garden Tuscany

La Foce, located in Val d’Orcia, is a beautiful location surrounded by rolling hills and endless greenery. The perfect setting for a magical wedding.

Jasmine and Chris, our beautiful bride and groom, had traveled all the way from London to celebrate their big day in this stunning location. Jasmine was eight months pregnant, which added an extra special touch to their already special day.

The morning started off with terrible weather. It had been raining heavily, and there was no sign of stopping. But Jasmine and Chris were smiling and decided to simply delay the ceremony by an hour. We were all a bit skeptical, but the sun decided to shine again, and the ceremony could take place outside on the grass, just as planned.

As the ceremony began, the sun shone, and the birds sang, creating a truly romantic and intimate atmosphere. During the ceremony, Jasmine and Chris exchanged their vows and promised to love and cherish each other for the rest of their lives.

After the ceremony, the wedding party gathered for a delicious dinner in the lemon house. As they were eating, a few distant thunderbolts illuminated the sky, adding an extra touch of magic to the already perfect day.
Throughout the day, the love and happiness of Jasmine and Chris were evident.

Their wedding at La Foce was a genuine celebration where the beauty of the location, combined with the love and joy of the bride and groom, made for a truly unforgettable day.




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