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Our latest Weddings in Rome:

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Wedding in Terme di Caracalla – Rome

An artistic wedding in a luscious hidden garden in the hearth of Rome.

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Wedding in Piazza Venezia – Rome

In a majestic church overlooking some of the most famous monuments of Rome

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Wedding in Le 7 Fonti – Rome

From the unspoiled Isola Farnese, to a delicious venue in the Rome countryside.

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perhaps as wedding photographers who work and travel often in Rome we can give you some advice.

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ZONZO Studio – Wedding Photographer in Rome

We have made a specific page to present ourselves as Wedding Photographers in Rome ITALY because we often work in  Rome and love to shoot  Weddings in Rome.

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We cannot wait to know more about your wedding. Please tell us what you have in mind: an intimate and reserved Elopement in Rome or a big Wedding party with all your friends and family? Rome is a beautiful location, and it offers many different sceneries for all kinds of photography, so don’t be afraid to contact us if you’re interested in an Engagement Shooting in Rome or a portrait session instead.

Back to ordinary human language, we invite you to explore our website to discover the beautiful places where we’ve already been and know more about us and our wedding photography.

We hope this will spark up a conversation that’ll get us to know each other better and hear your requests and expectations.

Previous clients & their testimonial

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Honeymoon Session

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Angelo and Simona’s pictures speak for themselves. You’ve seen them, you want them. All I can tell you is to go for it. Indulge yourself. It’s your special day. You want to remember it. Find a nice location, get some fancy clothes, and count on Zonzo to do the rest. Both Angelo and Simona are amazing, award-winning photographers. You can tell it isn’t just one of them because they split up while each spouse prepares –– which really adds to the narrative of the day –– and you’ll have beautiful pictures from each. Having two photographers means that you’ll have twice the chance for those candid, perfect shots. And there will be twice as many angles on those important moments, so that your friend with the DSLR or your cousin with the iPhone doesn’t photobomb the first kiss. We never managed to put together the customary list of photos we wanted, and yet they didn’t miss a thing. We did the first look, and we recommend it. No need to disappear from your guests. Angelo and Simona were never demanding. They’re direct enough to keep you on point for the couple’s portraits, but discreet enough to disappear into the background for the rest of the day. We were really surprised with how well the after-dark dance pictures turned out, and we’re happy they stayed for the full ten hours. They were great communicators both before and after the wedding, in English and Italian alike. (My family doesn’t speak any Italian, but they didn’t run into any trouble interacting with Angelo and Simona.) Hire them; you won’t regret it.

Wow, just WOW! I’m truly speechless—words cannot describe how truly incredible Simona and Angelo are. My husband and I eloped this past July to Southern Italy and booked through Zonzo well in advance after hearing from our friends that they were the best in Italy and seeing them featured on a NY Times list of “Emerging Photographers You Should Know.” After exploring their portfolio, I quickly realized that they were not your typical wedding photographers, you know, the type to have bride and groom pose in awkward and uncomfortable positions and it shows in their photographs! No, they are much, much different, and upon exploring their page, you too will see that what they are producing is art. When we first met, there was an instant connection and felt like we had known them for years—that’s how they make you feel! Generally, I’m uncomfortable being photographed but not with Simona and Angelo—they are incredibly funny and had us laughing all day long. They honestly felt like old friends. July 2, 2019 was the best day of my life, and Simona and Angelo had everything to do with the magic! We eloped so it was just my husband and me, and it made all the difference having Simona and Angelo along for the ride! Saying goodbye to them at the end of the say was by far the saddest moment—they’re two of the greatest people I’ve met.
Oh, and the photographs. Well, again, there are no words. These are not traditional wedding photos that end up sitting in the attic gathering dust—no, these are masterpieces and I look through them daily. They truly captured our unique personalities and emotions, every single shot, perfect. And they even captured small moments I missed. We have been told by friends and family on a number of occasions that they look like magazine photos!
If you are planning on getting married, book Zonzo now. Best decision we ever made. Best money every spent. I will forever be grateful for these pictures, they’re our most prized possessions.

The best decision we ever made was to hire Simona and Angelo for our honeymoon photos. I have never seen photographers work so hard in my life. They put so much thought and heart into every image they take. They are an incredible team and extremely gifted. The photos we received are so special to us and I am so happy that we will have them to look back on. I hope to work with you both again in the future. Grazie! Grazie! Grazie!

We loved working with Zonzo! Simona and Angelo were an absolute pleasure to work with and very professional. We were coming from Canada and they were very accommodating with us and easy to communicate with from the very beginning. They even went out of their way to organize a day to meet the week before the wedding to discuss everything. Their photos truly captured our wedding day in a unique and beautiful way. They went above and beyond for us time and time again. They sent us our wedding photos very quickly and we absolutely love all of them. Thank you Simona and Angelo for making our day so special 🙂

Why choose a Rome Wedding Photographer instead of taking one abroad?

Sometimes couples are concerned about communication problems with their photographers once in Rome.

We want to reassure you that you will not have such problems with us!

After all, the texts you are reading have been written directly by us, and we will be delighted to organize a video call to talk about everything “in person.”

Choosing us as your wedding photographers in Rome, we will be happy to advise you on the best locations to take beautiful photos. We can help you communicate with locals, who often do not speak English, and will put at your disposal our experience regarding places, traditions, and the Rome’s customs.

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