We were planting trees before it was mainstream.

For a long time, the text on this page was very long and little read, and it hosted our reflections on the environment, sustainability, and climate change. Today, however, we have realized that our words then seem obvious.

We hear them constantly, but unfortunately, in many cases, it is greenwashing. We have decided to cut short because time is precious; by now, everyone knows what needs to be done. Less talk and more action.
These are things we believe in and commitments we carry out for the planet: we are vegan, we plant trees to offset emissions (we do it physically on the land near our home), we try to buy everything, from travel to clothes, in the most responsible way possible.

We have been fighting for the planet all our lives, and we want you to know that even while working for you, we give it our all to have the most negligible impact possible.