Wedding Photographers against Climate change


On how to be a successful destination wedding photographer while keeping your carbon footprint as little as possible.

Today we’re going to talk you about the third thing we care most after photography and travels: our planet.

Lifestyle of those who have the lucky chance to live in the wealthy part of the world is no more sustainable. This is something we already got longtime ago and the new awareness brought many changes in our private life. In order to impact less on climate change, we turned vegetarians, and we hope to become soon vegans because we know intensive farming is the major CO2 source nowadays. We grow a good part of the food we eat and the one we buy comes from local farmers. We try to be out of the industrial food chain and this is as good for the Earth as for us! We buy clothes from second-hand shops or from small artisans cause fast fashion causes pollution and takes advantage of workers as well. This year goal is to turn our place in a free-waste house and to buy more and more from suppliers close to us. Also, we opt for good practices about reuse/recycle and energy saving. At the moment, we don’t have an electric car cause it’s still too expensive for us and recharging sites are not spread all over Italy yet.

Nowadays climate emergency is on the spotlight of both political and public matters and that’s why we thought it’s time to do something to turn our job more sustainable.

How can we keep working as destination wedding photographers and be consistent with our ethics? Well, we’re far from knowing it but from this year on we’ll balance the CO2 we produce while travelling for work with new trees planted!

Our alter ego, for those who don’t know yet, it’s Vasseri project, a small family farm that gives us the chance to have quite a lot of land for the trees that we’ll look after personally. As long as we can, we love to get our hands dirty taking care of the farm. So, we decided to plant a tree for each wedding we’re going to shoot.

We hope our trees we’ll grow strong and healthy and besides the carbon dioxide they’ll absorb, we wish they bear delicious fruits to share with friends who’ll come over.

Ok, but what’s the project? We did some maths: 10.000 km with a EURO 6 engine are around 1000 kg of emissions. Things get tougher when it comes to know how much CO2 a plant can absorb. There are several calculators on the Internet. Here are some links:

Of course, results change according to the variables considered, that is CO2 absorbed by a plant in a year and the one absorbed in its whole life. We were really puzzled about the best solution but after many simulations we promise the one we chose – planting a tree after each wedding and try to assure it the longest lifespan– is the best one, the one assuring the best balance. New plants each year will crowd our land and the old ones will keep doing their job growing bigger and bigger, hoping that one day we manage to give back to the Earth more than what we take.

We hope the couples we work with we’ll be enthusiast about the idea of having an almond, a peach or an apricot tree planted in their name and for their wedding, and we look forward its fruits will turned into jams and much other delicious food to be shared with all of you!

It’s just a small step compared to what it needs to heal our planet. However, we’re glad to start from small and affordable things. It’s the first time we speak up about it, we usually prefer to act silently. But if we do, it’s not about bragging. It’s just that if we want to change what’s happening to the Earth, we can’t rely on one’s single sensibility but on everyone’s intervention.

If we managed to persuade even only one of you to act against climate change wont’ be much yet but it’s something:  we can envisage a much more hopeful future.

Act soon, act together, the time for change is already over.

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